New Immigration Laws

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The time is now for new immigration laws that are more suitable for the current times. These new laws should be created for the purpose of giving the immigrant the best chance of building a useful and happy life within the United States of America.

In order to do that, we must be able to provide opportunities for every new arrival. That means that they should be able to find honest employment and suitable places in which to live.

This additional competition for employment must not have any adverse effects upon our own citizens. Well, this much we can all agree to.

Then again, how many people should we allow to legally enter our Country each year? How best can we determine that number? The unemployment rate is the best measure, together with the qualifications of new arrivals.

So, with that in mind, we have to create a starting point in which to determine the number of people who do enter our homeland. Also, we have to create some additional requirements for those new arrivals just in case they do have difficulty after they get here.

If the unemployment rate falls below 2% maybe that should be the starting point for new arrivals. We all know that the unemployment rate isn't the most accurate figure but who really knows the true number of unemployed poor people within our society?

Some say that rate is as much as 40%. Clearly, we can't allow Foreigners to take jobs away from a segment of our society where 40% of our own people are unemployed.

So, no one will be allowed to enter our Country if the unemployment rate is 2% or higher.
This will be our starting point.

Further, new arrivals should be required to deposit with our Government a sum equal to the cost of returning home just in case they decide that our Country isn't the place to be.

To further insure their well being, they should have a place to live available to them before they arrive. Some do reside with relatives and then find their own home afterward.

Next, they should provide proof of education and/or a learned trade that will support their life here. With that, they should obtain a work permit for a period of time long enough to become a naturalized citizen.

Those are fair and reasonable requests for any person who truly wants to create a better life in a new Country. Certainly, my Great, Great, Grandparents wouldn't object to those terms. Then too, new arrivals wouldn't have to defend themselves against hostile attacks by our own Native Americans.

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New Immigration Laws

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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